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Lawn Mowing Perth – From $40

AMA Lawn Mowing Perth is pleased to service all areas of Perth, NOR and SOR. Our standard lawn mowing service is our most popular with our regular clients – we do the edging, including around any trees or plants, then the mowing, and a clean-up blow afterwards to leave it looking great.  

Our Services

General Lawn Mowing

By far our most common service, this one does what it says on the box. We use our powerful mowers to trim your lawn, however small or large it is, and leave it looking great afterwards. 

Lawn clipping removal

Some customers ask us to remove lawn clippings from their site – especially those with smaller blocks with nowhere to dump them. A small additional fee applies for this service, because we need to pay to dispose of green waste. 

Commercial lawn mowing

Our roster of regular commercial clients is impressive, and is growing each month. We regularly service petrol stations, small shopping complexes, day care centres, and industrial sites. 

Garden tidy up

Gardens can get overgrown, and we can take care of it. A popular service with landlords and people selling their home, our garden tidy up service has us remove overgrown bushes, shrubs, weeds, and other plants, and either replace with mulch or younger.

Other services

We stick to lawn mowing, but for pest control services in Perth we recommend Crown Pest Control.


Lawn Mowing Prices

Small Block – from $40
Regular block – from $65
Acreage mowing – from $140 per acre
Slashing – from $80 per acre
Garden tidy up – from $90

Other Prices

Lawn clipping removal – from $6 per mow
Cylinder mowing – from $33 per mow
Vertimowing – from $80
Lawn Fertilizing – from $40

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you mow when it’s wet or raining?

Sometimes. If we have a regular customer, and we’ve taken on the responsibility of keeping their lawn looking good, we might need to mow it in the rain. Waiting an extra two weeks, particularly at the start of Perth’s glorious “growing season” might mean the grass is too tall, too thick, and the roots have shot up too high, and the next regular service will make it look quite bad. 

Are quotes onsite?

Usually not. We’ll take a look at the lawn size and obstacles from Google maps, and give you your “standard mow cost”, plus an expected “first mow cost”. It might be something like “your regular most will be $65, and your first mow will be $20-40 extra depending on conditions”. Most customers are happy with this method, and it means we can get to your job sooner if you do wish to proceed. 

Do you do overgrown lawns?

Yes, we can clear overgrown lawns. There’s two things you should know about overgrown lawns. First, you should expect to pay quite a lot more than a standard mow, because it’s MUCH slower going for our machines, and takes up to 4 times longer than a normal mow. Second, it won’t look great afterwards. It will typically take about 3 or 4 regular mows for an overgrown lawn to look great. On the first cut, we’ll scalp it – cut it right down low at the root level, which means you’ll have no green blades of grass visible. It will look ‘dead’ for a while, then the shoots will start to come back. Once those shoots have been mowed a few times, they’ll be thickened out and looking good again.

How often should we get our lawns mowed?

The normal schedule for residential lawns is two-weekly, except for June to Sept which is usually monthly. Having them mowed less-often doesn’t work out any cheaper, because by the time we get there it will be thicker and more overgrown and you’ll be paying a surcharge for overgrown lawns.

Do you do once-off mows?

Yes, we do. We can quote an estimated price range, and proceed with the job on payment of the lower range. Eg if we quote “$140 to $190”, we’ll proceed with the job once we’ve been paid the $140, and the rest (if any) is due on completion. 

What about homes with pets?

We don’t mind pets, but please remember a few things:

> All pet poop needs to be cleared the day before we mow

> All bits and pieces like chew toys and bones also need to be cleared the day before

Can you do same-day service?

Sometimes. Depending on our workload and what suburb you’re in, we may be able to get to you same-day, but please don’t bank on it! It’s a fact of life that most people don’t think too much about their lawns until they REALLY need doing, and we understand that. But please expect a typical first-service lead time of around a few days.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cards only. All first-time customers are on pre-payment basis, and move to post-payment after the first mow. You’ll receive a link on email to pay by card (with no card surcharge!), and you’ll have the option of saving your card details for automatic payment of future services. 

Can you mow while nobody is home?

Yes, we can. This is quite normal – most people are at work during the day. We just need access to the rear of the property, and any pets need to be secured. We don’t keep keys anymore (it gets too difficult to manage!), so we just ask that you leave a side gate unlocked, and we’ll close it behind us when we leave.

About AMA Lawn Mowing Perth

AMA Lawn Mowing Perth is proudly owned and operated by three friends – Jason, Tony, and Ben. Each of us were working ‘boring’ jobs, and one day woke up and realised we could have a more enjoyable life by actually getting out and about doing things, so, here we are! Established 7 years ago, we’ve grown to have a regular roster of several hundred clients, including many commercial establishments. We have a regular service schedule that means, between the three of us, we can service all corners of the Perth metro area, and in most suburbs we can still take on more clients. 

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